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About Us

My name is Robert Beraun, I work in the Hospitality/Service industry and also I am an entrepreneur based in North Bergen, NJ.

In 2001, I founded RSC, Restaurant Sports Club, a unique organization that coordinates various leagues for employees in the hospitality industry.

In 2007, RSC became a small business LLC. Soon after our sports program grew from North NJ (where it originated) to currently in the NY tri-state area.

Today, RSC within the tri-state is the premier hospitality sports organization that makes sports outside the workplace fun, competitive and social.

“Our past has seen not only champions in our leagues but champions in life. I am proud to say, RSC has helped build relationships from personal to professional. From captain's meetings, post game happy hour blats, and our "Any Given Monday" summer softball games, I am very GRATEFUL to everyone that's been part of this assume tradition!"  


Main Goal

Our main goal is to provide the Hospitality & Service industry workers with various affordable, safe sport programs with team building and friendly competition.    


Through our organization, our mission is to keep a tight bond within the hospitality and service community. We want to keep creating great memories that will last a life time!

RSC Leagues Available:

  • North NJ
  • NYC Manhattan
  • Westchester NY
  • Rockland NY

Serving The Hospitality / Service Industry

We appreciate everyone that is out there risking their lives to help us stay safe! Thank you!

We also want to give a "Special Thanks!" to all the past and present RSC members, players and business owners that participated in our organization! Now is time for us to give back and help one another in the these tough times!

Due to the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic, a high percentage of hospitality and service employees have lost their jobs. RSC wants to be an outlet for all teams, players and businesses affected directly. From restaurants, bars, fast food places to hotels and movie theaters workers, we want to help as much as we can through our fundraiser platform. Our new eCommerce platform can help businesses raise some funds and help employees that lost their job earn some extra income.

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Thank You & Be Safe!