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Due to the unexpected Covid-19 Pandemic, a great number of hospitality / service employees lost their jobs within a days noticed. Many of us in this business from business owners, managers, bartenders, servers to all the way to the back of the house staff members, rely on our shifts. So this is the time to come together and look out for one another! 

RSC would like to be an outlet for hospitality / service workers to make some extra income through our eCommerce Platform. The new platform, "RSCMERCH.COM" is set up through shopify to market and sell our sports apparel and fundraising products direct to consumers. 

The goal is to use our eCommerce platform to help raise funds for those financially affected directly and to raise funds to lower RSC league registration fees.

"We believe we can make a difference and get through this together!"









How Does It Work


If you or your business are in the Hospitality /Service Industry and was affect directly due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, this platform can be a financial assistance to you!

RSC Merch platform will be catered to small businesses and workers in the Hospitality/Service industry. This is an outlet to raise funds during times of hardship. We offer several of apparel and products that you can place your logo. From T-shirts, Hoodies, handbags to towels, put your logo and start fundraising! We recommend t-shirts, best fundraiser sellers.

  • No Start Up Cost

  • No Product Expense

  • No Risk

You just have to commit to promoting your product. We will take care of the rest.
Once you send us a message with your info, we will get you started. We will get back to you within 2 to 3 business days with complete details. 


Easy Process

  • Your Product: (1) Have a one or two color logo design ready with specific image format. (Vector Jpeg Format. Black Outline/White Background). (2) We will send you our tshirt and design color options. (3) Finally, we will create a sample before adding to the fundraiser platform.

  • Promote: Commit to promote your product through your social media channels. We will take care of: Production, Customer Care and Shipping.

  • Receive Funds: Funds will be deposited into your Venmo or Paypal account every 2 weeks from start of sale.

Let's Get Started