Update: May 15th - 31st

We hope and wish you all well and our prayers are with everyone that is affected directly!

The good news is that the pandemic is still on a flat curve and declining every day. The state is in process of opening up parks and businesses to the public. We are still on hold with parks department giving out field permits but they are working on it. We anticipate a July start, but if we get the green light for june even better, nothing confirmed yet. One thing we do know is that one day we will have permits and start getting back to playing sports! So, get your team ready for when we are ready to go! 

News: RSC is organizing a "Free Play Day" One Game Elimination Friendly Tournament for the first Monday that we are issued permits. No Entry Fee, No Cost, Spots Limited! Then following Monday, RSC league scheduled scrimmage games and the Monday after, the season starts. We will have enough time to let everyone know the confirmed dates. 

Free Play Day Tournament: Sign Up your team or sign up as a free agent player today. Spots are limited! Click Here

RSC Coed Softball: Sign up your team today to keep count and go over season schedule and agendas as a group. Below are links to a league near you.

Fundraiser: Support our "3 Strikes But Not Out!" Fundraiser. Proceeds will be going towards the tournaments. You can support by buying a t-shirt and/or sharing our fundraiser on your social media channels. Every support counts! More info Click Here

Financial Situation

It's unfortunate that we in the hospitality community have suffered a tremendous financial hit due to the national government shutdown of restaurants, fast food places, movie theater, etc. We are here for eachother! 

What We Are Doing To Pitch In

  • Free Day Play Friendly Tournament. Sign Up

  • Team Discount.

  • Work with captains to give time to collect fees.

  • Give a price break to individual players that are in need.

  • Create Your Fundraiser Platform. Click Here

League Update


Please Note: RSC's main priority is to take all necessary precautions to follow state regulations and ensure safety to our players and members. 

The following tournament and league schedule stands and dates will be confirmed as soon as we get word from parks department for field permits. All parks department are suspending permits for the month of May. We are on it and will keep you updated. Next Update June 1st.

Summer Softball Schedule

  • Free Play Day Tournament Monday: Date TBA

  • RSC Softball League Scrimmage Games Monday: Date TBA  

  • Season Officially Begins Monday: Date TBA. 

  • Team registration deadline: TBA

  • Choose the league you are interested below. 

Leagues Available

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 There will be another update post on June 1st. Please come back then for current updates.

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 Thank You & Stay Safe!!




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